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Student Executive

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjust the sails." - John Maxwell. 

Henley High School is committed in its strategic direction and planning to developing student agency and promoting opportunities for students to realize their potential in a wide range of areas including leadership. Aligned with our values, student leadership has become a formal and significant element of school life, developing active and informed citizens with life- long learning skills.


Student Executive has become a broad term to describe student leadership and student agency across Henley High. At its centre is a group of ten students called the “Core 10”. It comprises students who self nominate across Year levels 9 to 11. They are selected after interviews by a panel of their peers and staff. The Core 10 works closely with student special interest groups, House Leaders, the Staff and Principal to initiate and address issues that emerge over the school year. They also lend support to community challenges including State and International youth matters. Along with the Prefects they represent the school at key events, coordinate Assemblies and establish relationships with a range of external community interest groups.


Leaders receive training through youth agencies as opportunities arrive and advise in the construction and review of a charter that defines their mission and purpose. They are challenged  and required to work cooperatively to achieve set goals, respect themselves and others, promote excellence, inspire their peers and promote a culture of school pride and belonging.


The Core 10 are recognised by the Governing Council with voting rights and they regularly report with the Prefects to them.

The Core 10 can be contacted through the following address: