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Mobile Phone Policy


Henley High School desires to be a community that is committed to the goal that education will thrive in a social environment where all members of our school community can flourish and actively work to respect and support one another.

We strive for excellence through a safe, non-threatening school environment that supports all individuals to:

  • Act with integrity
  • Have a sense of belonging and purpose
  • Form positive relationships based on compassion and empathy
  • Accept and respect diversity and inclusion
  • Give voice to their ideas
  • Promote kindness and forgiveness


Phones are not to be used in any class or study periods unless they are being used for specific class work or for the support of class activities with explicit permission given by the teacher. We acknowledge that there can be legitimate medical and/or educational reasons for using personal devices in class and we will continue to encourage the appropriate use at the discretion and direction of the teacher.

What students need to know and do:

  1. Students are to turn off their mobile phones, have no ear buds showing and place them in their locker at the start of the school day. They are not to be taken to Lessons, Care Group, Assemblies and other school functions (unless informed otherwise by teachers).
  2. Students may access their phones at recess and lunchtime and naturally before and after school.
  3. Students who bring mobile phones (or other devices) to school must accept sole responsibility for their care. As with any other personal items, the school cannot take any responsibility for phones that are lost, damaged or stolen.
  4. Senior student who have a study session may have access to their phones while in the Study Centre and nowhere else. These students must not distract other students by loud music, texting, posting or calling them during lesson time.

What parents need to know and do:

  • Parents are asked to support the school by making it clear that learning is paramount. The phone should be off, unseen and in their locker.
  • During the school day, if a parent has an urgent matter, then they are to contact Student Services who will locate their child.
  • Henley staff acknowledge that parents may text their child with a message during the day but this is to be checked during break times.

What teachers need to know and do:

A paramount focus is for quality teaching and learning. That is, the lesson should not be interrupted through student’s texting, students checking social media updates and through the ringing of phones during lesson times. These interruptions have a significant impact on the teaching environment in all classrooms. The use of phones also reflects a student’s inattention to study. Teachers have the responsibility to ensure a safe and productive classroom environment, free from the interference and distraction created by mobile phones and electronic devices. Depending on a range of factors that may occur in a classroom, it is the teachers prerogative to modify the below process based on their relationship and the location of the learning.

When a breach occurs:

  1. At the beginning of a new semester course and through a positive relationship, the teacher will explain to the whole class the school and classroom processes and rules. Teachers are to record in OneNote that this warning has been provided to all.
  2. At a subsequent lesson if the phone has become an issue then the teacher asks the student to
    1. If in room near their locker, then they are to put the phone into their locker for the rest of the lesson.
    2. If in a room not near their locker then they give the phone to their teacher for the remainder of the lesson.

A Compass note is sent to the relevant staff and an email to parents.

  1. If there is a second time the student is using their phone for an unauthorised purpose, then the student is given a movement pass and they are to give their phone to Student Services. Student Service will give the student a card to show the teacher that they have the phone. The teacher will also give the student an after school detention. They can retrieve their phone at the end of the day from student services. The appropriate senior leader will follow up the next day.
    1. Yr 8 & 9                Ms Gorman
    2. Y10 & 11               Mrs Kloeden
    3. Yr 12                     Mrs Kloeden

A Compass note is sent to the relevant staff and an email to parents.

If one of these three leaders are not available, they will notify Student services to record names and give the phone back to the student at the end of the day. The leader will follow up the phone issue within the next day.

  1. The senior leaders will address the student’s unwillingness to follow school processes and support the teacher by making clear to the student the consequences for future breaches.

A Compass note is sent to the relevant staff and an email to parents.


Mobile Phone Policy 2021 (PDF)