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Cyber Safety

Henley High School in committed to helping students develop appropriate behaviours when using digital technologies, both at home and at school.

The intent of this document is to collate all the programs currently in place at HHS to allow parents, staff and students a ‘one stop shop’ when seeking information. This is NOT a separate document with its own set of consequences. Any unsafe/inappropriate behaviour should be dealt with as per the ITC contract and Harassment and Bullying Policy.

It incorporates the Department for Education guidelines, legal responsibilities and school community expectations.

What Henley High School is doing to develop cyber safe citizens.

We currently run spotlight activities and units within curriculum for all year levels. These include:

Brainstorm Productions

Middle School

SAPOL presentations

Senior School

PLP activities /Life Skills

Middle School

ACMA presentation

Whole school

Emphasis on ethical internet use in class

Whole school

Cyber safety presentations 

Whole school

Henley High School Rules

Clear expectations and agreements for use of HHS technology.

Both these documents are required to be signed by parents at the start of the school year.

Harrassment & Bullying Policy


Tips and links to what parents can do at home to support cyber safe citizens.

For some parents, being aware of what their student is doing online can be an obstacle to supporting the appropriate, responsible use of technology. These are a few sites for parents to develop their own skills.


IF cyber harassment is occurring.

IF you experience any types of cyber bullying
•  keep/ print the text message, email or Facebook comment
•  block the sender
•  report it to your year level manager
•  report it to the police