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Arts Quadrangle

The buildings of the Arts Precinct are arranged around a central courtyard which is known as the Quadrangle. It is the heart of the Precinct and enables easy  access to all sections of the Arts Precinct. It has outdoor tables and seating for students to use during class and break times, a toilet and shower for disabled access and landscaping. Students and staff make use of the Quadrangle for outdoor rehearsals and performances and drawing/photography.

Dance Studio 

The purpose built Dance Studio is fitted with cushioned floor, mirrors, ballet bars and a data projector. It also has access to a costume room and storage facilities

Digital Media 

The Arts Precinct has two large multimedia rooms. One of the rooms is equipped with a wet area and equipped with computers, scanners, printers, data projectors, speaker systems and pull-down screens.


The Arts Precinct has a shared gallery and theory room with professional ‘track’ lighting and hanging system, data projector, pull-down screen, and a mobile white board. There is an adjacent kitchen and food preparation facility, with storage to cater for Arts and School events.

Hall Stage 

Our School Hall is used for major Arts performances and assemblies. The stage is equipped with: sprung floor, lighting grid, cyclorama, dimmer rack and patch panel, front curtain, side curtains, lighting desk, various lights, PA with built in Front of House and monitor speakers.


A dedicated music building includes a main teaching classroom, two music storage rooms and three small music practice rooms that are available for instrumental lessons, small group rehearsal or individual practice. A second performance room is attached to a fully functioning recording studio which is used by all of the Arts. Equipment such as amplifiers CD players or docks and racks are in all rooms. The building has three drum kits, and two pianos in the main rooms. The Performing Arts staff preparation room is in the music building.

Performance Space 

The Performance Space is used for Drama, Dance and Music Performances as well as for photo shoots and is a shared Drama and Dance classroom. It is equipped with – cushioned floor, data projector, lighting grid, cyclorama, dimmer rack and patch panel, front curtain, flats, lighting desk, various lights, PA with built-in Front of House and monitor speakers and an audience area. Temporary tiered seating is in place during major performances. There is also access to costumes, makeup and props in this facility.

Visual Arts 

In the Visual Arts there are two large, well-lit studio and teaching areas – both have storerooms, one has an adjacent computer ‘pod’, containing four computers for student and staff use. In one of the studios there is access to a Kiln area with associated storage facilities.