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Middle School

Henley High School is committed to developing engaging curriculum in all subjects in the middle school. Below are some of the topics taught in STEM subjects:

Science – Students are given a taste of the science topics that are offered in the senior school

Technology – Students rotate through different areas of Design & Technology in year 8 and are then able to choose topics of their interest in year 9.

Maths –Students do a full year of Maths at year 8 and 9 which exposes them to a range of topics and skills that prepare them for the different Maths pathways offered in the senior school.

Senior school
Henley High School offers a wide range of subjects in STEM in the senior school. For more information, check out the subject prospectus and flowcharts.

Biomedical Science 

Earth & Space Science

Body & Mind Science

Earth & Environmental Science 

Science for Industry & Trade

Advanced Engineering
Wood Tech
Metal Tech
Engineering Drawing
Furniture Construction
Metal Engineering

Jewellery Manufacturing

Girls Technology

Technology in the Community

Plus VET courses in: Furnishing,
Metal Engineering, Doorways to
Construction and Electro-Technology

Maths Essentials
Trade Maths

Maths General

Maths Methods

Maths Specialist