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STAR (Students at Risk) Intervention Plans

What is STAR?

STAR stands for Students at Risk. Students may be at risk for several reasons such as low academic achievement, issues surrounding Literacy and Numeracy, poor behaviour, problems with attendance, family problems or social problems.

HHS Identification Process

Please refer any student with an Intervention plan of concern to AP of Senior School, Middle School or Inclusivity so that we can address through the Student Review Team.

How are STAR students identified?

Students are identified collaboratively within the Middle School teams from the following sets of data and information:

  • Anecdotal evidence from teachers
  • Focus room referrals
  • Achievement data
  • NAPLAN data
  • ESL scales

Some students are identified as requiring an Intervention Plan and other students require monitoring in their performance.

What does the program involve?

Students identified are placed on an Individual Intervention Plan. The plan includes suggested strategies supporting individual student needs. Strategies identified as working well with the students and consequent improved outcomes are also recorded. Intervention Plans are developed by the Sub-school Managers and are shared with the student’s teachers and the curriculum leaders.

Future Plans for the Program

Students identified as requiring intervention are consistently monitored by the sub-school managers in the cyclic process of re-visiting data.

Criteria for Students requiring Intervention

Students are identified as requiring intervention if they have a:

  • Non pass score of a D or E in 2 or more subjects
  • Chronic attendance issues
  • Chronic behaviour issues
  • Previous Intervention Plan with little or no improvement

The development and recording of Intervention Plans is the responsibility of the Year Level/ Sub-school Managers lead by Senior School / Middle School Assistant Principals using the agreed criteria and data supplied according to the specified timelines.

The Implementation of the Intervention plan related to Learning is the responsibility of the classroom teacher supported by curriculum leaders.

The tracking of data around the student’s with intervention plans is the responsibility of AP: Students with Special Needs (supported by AP of Data)