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Curriculum Philosophy

Our aim is to offer the students a diverse curriculum meeting the individual needs of all students, preparing them for an independent life beyond school.


Students participate in a number of core subjects in Year 8 to Year 12 as well as a range of elective subjects each semester in the aim of maintaining a balanced curriculum.


Within the Supported Learning Centre, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
  • Develop skills in independent living
  • Develop skills in Community Access
  • Be supported in transitioning to life beyond schooling
  • Complete the SACE Modified Certificate
  • Connect with DES’s (Disability Employment Agencies) ADE’s (Australian Disability Enterprises) or Moving On programs as they develop their pathway to a meaningful post school option
  • Participate in a holistic learning environment


Curriculum emphasis is placed on:


1.     English (Literacy)
2.     Mathematics (Numeracy)
3.     Independent Living Skills
4.     Community Access
5.     Work and Transition
6.     Personal Interest/Leisure


These core units of work are mapped against the SACE Modified.  Students will have the opportunity to complete their SACE Modified Certificate.


Electives Offered in SLC

Electives will be offered each semester depending on staff availability and skill level as well as student needs.  Some of these electives may include:


Art, Dance, Music, Cooking, Physical Education, Computer Skills, Swimming, Gym West, Craft, Work Skills- Preparing for Work, and Gardening.


Some of these electives will contribute towards the students SACE, others will be embedded into the core curriculum.  Some students from SLC may be integrated into mainstream classes for their elective subjects. This would need to be negotiated by Week 5 of Term 3, through the course counselling process in collaboration with staff, parents and students.