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Students with disabilities and learning difficulties will be given additional support and curriculum modifications where necessary enabling all students to access the curriculum at Henley High School. Curriculum Differentiation is a focus in meeting needs of all students with Special Needs at Henley High School.


Teachers modify their learning programs and assessment criteria to accommodate the needs of individual students depending on their disability or learning difficulty. In seeking continuous improvement in learning outcomes, teachers at Henley High School are offered on-going professional development in the use of innovative technologies and varied methodologies benefiting all students, including those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Students are presented with multimodal tasks. With our extensive use of laptops and other assistive technologies, students have the opportunities in all learning areas to publish their work as a podcast, as text with the aid of a voice activated program or as a visual format. Scaffolding tools and alternate resources are available to support students achieve quality outcomes in all learning areas. Students who are verifiable under ‘students with disability policy’ for a NEP (Negotiated Education Plan) are usually provided with additional support with an SSO (Student Support Officer) in their regular learning environment.


Students explore a range of pathways as they move into Senior School and develop an individual transition plan into post school.  The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) supports curriculum differentiation and the use of a variety of assessment tasks through the performance standards. Some students with disabilities and learning difficulties can be supported to achieve their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) through modifications to their SACE subjects by applying for Special Provisions through the SACE Board, as well as the use of Vocational Education and Training and other flexible programs. Students with severe disabilities can be provided with an alternative program and attain an alternative certificate SACE – modified version.


Many students are referred to our DfE Regional Psychologist for a Psychological Assessment for a variety of reasons. Often such an assessment has already occurred at the former Primary School and information is passed on to appropriate people at Henley High School with parent/ guardian permission.These assessments provided supportive suggestions and strategies for the student, the parents and the teachers involved in order to support the individual student to rise to their full potential.Students who are assessed within DfE by a Psychologist and deemed eligible for a Negotiated Education Plan as per the ‘Students with Disability Policy’ will have a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP).This NEP is a formal document agreed upon by the teachers, the parents and the students.  Any professionals or medical practitioners working with the student is also involved in the construction and implementation of this document.The NEP ensures the student has a learning program aimed at an appropriate level to determine success and that the appropriate support and accommodations are put in place within the learning environment in order for the student to equitably access the curriculum.NEP’s are reviewed annually, establishing individual learning goals and appropriate support or as requested by staff, parents or the student.