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Technology in the Food and Hospitality industry is continually being updated and improved. In order to provide our students with the best learning experience, the school is continually investing in these new technologies and programs are changed regularly incorporate more skills and knowledge.

The most recent investment has been multiple class sets of ‘Victorinox’ Chef Knives, which not only create a safer work environment but have improved student skills in precision cutting techniques.

Other technologies available to our students include, Sandwich and Grill Press, Diverse range of Cookery appliances and Milkshake/smoothie stations.


To create the industry standard work environment which provides our students with the relevant skills for the Food and Hospitality industry, the school has a Commercial teaching kitchen. The setup and components of this kitchen, which include commercial stoves, ovens, deep fryer, dishwasher and multiple stainless steel preparation benches, allows students create and maintain a high level standard’s of food production and service.


Another key piece of technology is the commercial Espresso Machine. Which allows students to practice and gain qualification in Coffee making. These students learn the importance of coffee extraction and the texturizing of milk to create an entire coffee menu. Some students even can extend their skills into the competitive field of ‘Latte Art’.

HHS Is fortunate enough to have two qualified Chefs from diverse hospitality backgrounds. As part of Innovative teaching practices catering is integrated into senior school teaching and learning programs. Innovative teaching is a method of teaching that emphasises on the skills that are important during the 21st century such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. The industry trained teachers  motivate students by creating authentic learning experiences which improve student outcomes.


To integrate technology effectively, we introduces technology tools which focus on learning outcomes consistent with ACARA achievement standards and SACE Performance Standards.

Students are engaged with the innovative teaching tools…aka “cool tools that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and skills and knowledge development
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I see and I believe.
I do and I understand.            
                                                - Confucius

  • Virtual babies
  • Pregnancy belly
  • Molecular gastronomy (including Smoking machine)
  • BBQs