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Program Entry Information

Entry into the Henley Sports Academy at Henley High School is through an application process where students must meet a variety of criteria to be considered for enrolment.


There are four types of application that are considered each year.

Application Type



Year 9-11 Semester 2 (2021 - HHS Student only)

Wednesday 27th January


8.30am - Tuesday 9th March


Year 7 and 8 (2022)

Wednesday 27th January


8.30am - Monday 22nd March


Year 9-12 2022 (Current 2021 HHS students)

Monday 3rd May 2021


8.30am - Tuesday 15th June 2021


Year 9-12 2022 (Not currently a HHS student)

We encourage all families to apply, normal process will occur but there may be limited placements due to Department for Education enforced Capacity Management Plan (CMP)

Monday 3rd May 2021

8.30am Monday 23rd August 2021

No applications will be accepted after the due date and time.

If you choose to post the application please make sure you use registered mail.


The selection of students into the program considers the following criteria:

  • High level of ability and performance in both a training and competitive environment
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude to support their personal development
  • High potential for future development and growth in their identified sport
  • High level of coachability that enables all individuals to seek and accept a variety of feedback
  • High level of ability to improve their skills and knowledge in all aspects of their schooling
  • Provide a positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behaviour
  • Demonstrate academic effort and achievement
  • Must play/compete for a peak body affiliated or community club


If successful in any of the application types both parents and the student are required to sign a student agreement form accepting an offer for a position in the Henley High School Sports Academy. A student must agree to the terms and conditions specified by the ‘Henley Sports Academy Expectations’ in the Student Athlete Agreement Form.

Students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a willingness, desire and commitment to developing their own skills and knowledge within their sport
  • Complete all required theory work and tasks, thoroughly and on time
  • Be prepared for each lesson with appropriate Academy uniform, footwear and safety equipment for their sport, in addition to all required theory equipment
  • Continually strive to improve their skills and knowledge in all aspects of their schooling
  • Provide a positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behaviour
  • Be active participants in Sports Day (minimum of 5 events including 1500m and 800m)
  • Be available to represent the school in their major sport and other sporting events the school offers
  • Abide by the spirit and rules of their sport, behave in a dignified manner when representing Henley High School and accept victory and defeat with dignity and grace
  • Students must stay in the Academy for a minimum of 3 years
  • Demonstrate academic effort and achievement
  • Participate in sporting exchanges and events
  • Students strongly encouraged to attend Academy events
  • Be an active participant in SASI Talent Identification fitness testing in Term 1


The Henley Sports Academy strives to maintain the highest standards of performance by the students involved across all areas of the curriculum, therefore we will work as a team, using a range of strategies to ensure that the students involved in the program meet these standards.  Students will be expected to meet the criteria and expectations outlined in the “Henley Sports Academy Expectation”  document that Student Athletes have signed when they enter the program.  If students are unable to fulfil these expectations they may be put on one of three probation process:

  • Academic Probation
  • Behavioral Probation
  • Practical Probation

If students do not show acceptable improvement and meet the required expectations they may be removed from the program.  Students will have these processes explained to them by their Sports Academy teacher.


As participation in the Henley High School Sports Academy is voluntary, not all costs will be covered within the budget. An annual fee is set by the Henley High School Council and contributes to costs associated with the program and covers items such as excursions, guest speakers, celebrations, coaches and equipment use.  Some excursions will incur additional costs, especially where accommodation and transport are required. Parents will be given advanced notice of major excursions to assist with planning and budgeting.

The levy fees:

·       Henley High School Year 8 - 11 students: $450 per year

·       Henley High School Year 12 students: $350 per year

·       Henley High School Year 9 - 11 students Semester 2 - $350

·       International Student - $125 per term


All students are required to purchase a Henley Sports Academy Uniform as part of them accepting their position in the academy. 

Further information on this can be found at the Henley Sports Academy.


A login and password are required to order online and will be issued only after acceptance/ enrolment into the academy.



All Henley Sports Academy Students are highly encouraged to achieve success both in their sporting and their schooling endeavours.  Students have the opportunity to be rewarded with an ‘All Rounder Award’, recognising their ability to succeed academically while juggling both their sporting and schooling commitments.  Students must achieve a GPA of 12.50 or higher in their school report to receive an award.  Students will have these processes explained to them by their Sports Academy teacher.  Those students that get an All Rounder Award consistently over 3 terms will be recognised at the Henley Sports Academy + School Sport Presentation Evening at the end of the year.


 Internal Enrolment

 External Enrolment

 Re-Enrolment after Removal

 Application Appeal


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