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2024 Victor Schools and Sports Supplies Scholarship

For the ninth year running, the Henley Sports Academy will offer an academy athlete who demonstrates both academic and sporting excellence a Scholarship (previously through IDM and now with Victor Schools and Sports Supplies) which is presented annually at the Sports Presentation.

Henley High School understands the financial contributions families need to make in order to offer their child opportunities to participate at the highest level.

Victor School and Sports are one of Australia’s largest Sports Equipment and Medical Suppliers. They would like to offer a $200 scholarship to a student to assist with associated school expenses as a Sports Academy enrolment.


The Victor School and Sports Supplies scholarship is awarded to a student that meets the following criteria:


  • Currently enrolled in the Sports Academy  
  • Evidence of a high level of participation, performance and contribution, commitment within their sport
  • A positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behaviour
  • Demonstrate academic effort and achievement


Students that wished to be considered for the scholarship needed to submit a scholarship application.

The Sports Executive panel may call the applicant for an interview.

Applications open via the following link: 

Victor School and Sports Supplies Scholarship


Applications close Friday, 20th October 2023.