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2023 IDM Scholarship

The Henley Sports Academy will offer a Sports Academy athlete an IDM Scholarship for 2023 which will be presented at the 2022 Sports Presentation Evening.


The IDM scholarship will be offered annually to a student who demonstrates both academic and sporting excellence. Henley High School understands the financial contributions families need to make in order to offer their child opportunities to participate at the highest level.


IDM would like to offer a $200 scholarship for one student to assist with associated school expenses as a Henley Sports Academy enrolment and elective curriculum items such as knockout sport, excursions and uniform expenses. The student who receives this scholarship will be expected to assist with promotion of the Henley Sports Academy program at Open Day and Year 6 transition days. 


The criteria for selection includes the following:

  • Currently enrolled in the Henley Sports Academy and will continue in the scholarship year.
  • Evidence of a high level of participation and contribution within their sport
  • Evidence of a high level of performance and committed to their sport
  • A positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behaviour
  • Demonstrate academic effort and achievement


Students wishing to be considered for the scholarship need submit a scholarship application package to the Sports Executive which includes:

  • A letter of recommendation from a coach and a teacher (see example template below)
  • Resume including athlete achievements and extracurricular activities
  • Academic Transcript (previous year)

This information needs to be accompanied by a 500 word ‘Letter of Application’ with the aim to show the Sports Executive panel who you are as a student athlete and why you should be considered for this scholarship.  

Sports Academy IDM Scholarship Reference Template


The letter should:

  • Introduce yourself in a clear and accurate way (personal interests, hobbies, activities and sports).
  • Describe your personal career (school, work, and volunteer/extracurricular experiences), goals and motivation for the future, including study.
  • Identify what you bring to the school to make it a better environment for staff and students.

The Sports Executive panel may call the applicant for an interview.

Applications open via the following link:


Applications close Friday 21st October