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Laptop Program


Payment can be made by cheque, cash, credit card, or EFTPOS to Student Services or by internet (credit card) on the school website,


Middle School students are actively encouraged to take control of their learning. This includes negotiating elements of the curriculum, recognising and developing their learning styles and using learning tools to assist in demonstrating what they have learnt. Through a range of strategies all Middle School students are provided with the access to a laptop computer to support their studies.

Teachers will work closely with students to develop a curriculum which is challenging and relevant to students. Some parts of the curriculum will be taught with an integrated approach. This means that some subjects are taught with a particular theme or topic.

Laptop Handbook

Laptop Handbook

Year 7 Laptop Form

 Year 7 Laptop Form

Year 8 - 12 Laptop Form

 Year 8-12 Laptop Form


International Student Forms

 International Study Abroad Student Laptop Contract Agreement

 International Graduate Student Laptop Contract Agreement