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Fees & Charges

The materials and services charge has been designed to add value and support Henley High School to continue to offer a broad and rich curriculum that goes beyond the base level of education. 

Henley High School Materials and Services Charges 2023: $790.00 + Subject Charges

Henley High School Materials and Services Charges 2024: TBD 

The charge covers curriculum/ subject supplies and services required to meet the essential cost of the course across all subject areas e.g. Art, Science, Home Economics, PE and Tech Studies


Courses can vary in cost depending on projects/ material provided and where applicable levies will be charged for materials that are required in addition to the basic materials normally used. e.g. Oak wood instead of Pine.


Costs for some items such as elective larger school projects and some excursions that are beyond the allowances included as part of the core curriculum, will need to be paid for as required and are determined as “other charges” as per DfE instruction.


Our budget for curriculum consumables and resources will be in line with the funding we receive from our MSC charges. Every subject area is automatically allocated consumables and resources funding to cover these expenses.


The materials and services charge is inclusive of, but not limited to:


Printed and Electronic Materials related to the educational program:  $190.00

  • Workbooks including photocopied workbooks, exercise books- lined, blank and graphed, Art books
  • E-Book Access
  • Photocopied materials for curriculum use


Stationery Items that are provided for the student: $15.00

  • ID card purchased for students

Please note this does not include pens, pencils, rulers, staplers or other personal stationary items

Materials and Services provided by the school for the student to consume or use the materials: $585.00

Access to Information Technology

  • Internet access for students
  • Online storage access
  • Student laptop maintenance
  • Use of multiple software licences, including Microsoft office, Adobe suites and virus software


Access to Machinery and Equipment

Use and access to:

  • Specialised industry standard tech studies and jewellery making machinery
  • Home Ec/ Hospitality Equipment
  • Digital media and CAD equipment
  • Specialised cardio and weights equipment, PE and sports video analysis equipment
  • Art Kilns, Drama and Dance equipment
  • STEM, Robotics and Science equipment


Curriculum Subject Supplies

Subject areas consumables and resources e.g. maths, english, history, biology, languages

  • Digital media consumables. e.g SD cards
  • Science practical supplies e.g. chemicals, test tubes, slides
  • Arts materials – e.g. paint, paper, clay, costumes, props
  • Home Economic supplies e.g. food and textiles
  • Tech Studies supplies – e.g. metal, wood, glues, jewellery supplies


Subject Levies


  • Year 7 Camp and Surf Safety – $260
  • Year 8 Camp and Surf Safety - $360
  • Sports Academy  - Yr. 8-11 $450 Yr 12 $350 Covers transport, course costs, events, guest/resource presenter, equip, specialist resources
  • VET courses are charged in line with the Western Adelaide Regional VET Programs. Some of the courses will have additional costs for items such as work boots or protective clothing which may be a requirement of the course. There are some VET courses that use outside Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) and are outside the MSC. They will be charged as an “Other Charge” and are costed separately.
  • Music Levy $100 – covers theory book, instrument hire and service ($50 per semester)


Materials and services charges are not used to fund the following:


  • Staffing  costs including professional development  
  • Teacher materials or equipment
  • Special purpose programs eg LOTE, special literacy or numeracy funded by grants
  • Student Support Services eg speech pathology, counselling
  • Facilities
  • IT equipment for staff
  • Maintenance and school security
  • School operational costs eg admin material,  first aid, utilities, cleaning, grounds


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