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Enrolment Information

Year 7

The Department for Education policy, as applying to state zoned schools governs enrolment at Henley High School. Previously, Henley was on a Capacity Management Plan, this plan has finished with 2024 Year 7 enrolments returning to conventional enrolment processes.

The transition from primary to secondary school is managed by the Department for Education during the student's final year in primary school.  Students attending a public primary school will receive a starting secondary school (transition) pack from their school. Private school families can request a pack by emailing:

A useful resource for parents is the Starting Secondary School Parent Brochure 


Entry to Henley High will be prioritised in the following way:


  • All in zone students will have automatic entry
  • Sports Academy students from outside the zone will be limited to 45 students with a total of 70 students in the program for each year level.
  • As part of “Enter for Success”, all Torres Strait and Aboriginal students will have in zone rights at Year 7 only to our school.
  • Compassionate enrolments will be coordinated by our Department and not by the school.
  • There is an allowance for siblings who reside out of zone but there will be no sibling rights for Sports Academy families.
  • Last of all, for any remaining vacancies, an equitable process will be employed to make fair offers to out of zone students.


For further information on this process visit: 

Enrolment Year 8-12

Entry is managed by Henley High School in collaboration with our Partnership Director.


The first consideration is that the enrolling student must reside in zone and evidence must be provided to that effect.


The second is that there is a vacancy where we are able to provide a course for an applicant in the compulsory subjects that does not exceed the designated classroom quota. 


Where no vacancies exist for students living in the school zone, we will refer the enrolment to other neighbouring schools.  If requested, Henley High School will place the in-zone applicant on our school enrolment register and will notify families if or when an appropriate vacancy occurs.


School Zone

To find your zoned school based on an address please visit:


Sports Academy

The Henley Sports Academy is a specialist program open to all applicants – in zone and out. Applications for Year 7, open and close Term 1, the year prior to starting high school. Other application types are considered throughout the year. For specific timelines, application forms and details visit our website at: 


Students do not need to live in the zone to apply for the Sports Academy.


International Student Program (ISP)
International students have their application processed by International Education Services (IES). These students will hold a student visa as defined by the Department of Home Affairs. International student numbers are managed and enrolments focused on Years 10, 11 and 12.


Starting Secondary School Parent Brochure

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