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Capacity Management Plan 2020

Dear Parents & Caregivers


It is timely to highlight a new development that happened at the end of last year.


Due to our growing size, the introduction of Year 7s' and lack of physical facilities, Henley High this year has been placed on a Capacity Management Plan (CMP). The school has a stated capacity of 1300 students with current enrolments near 1400, this has provided the school with sustainability issues. The projected introduction of Year 7 enrolments will increase student numbers by 210. If there are no new building developments then we are unable to house 1600 students.


This plan has been on our website notice board and a message went out very late last year but may be due to the pressure of the end of the year and Christmas it may have been missed.


I have asked that more information be placed with a second copy of the CMP on our enrolment information website.


Capacity Management Plan 2020

The essence of the plan is to maintain enrolments for in zone students, an agreed number of specialist sports students from outside the zone, and to keep our total Year 8 enrolments at or below 210. This year we have around 270 students in Year 8 and have had to create an 11th class in the Lowitja meeting area. 


It is correct that for the next period of time the Minister for Education has approved the CMP with one significant part being the cancellation of sibling rights. The only allowance for out of zone siblings is if our overall Year 8 enrolments go below 210, then an equitable process will be employed to make fair offers.


This capacity plan will affect all year levels throughout the school as we have been given the task to reduce student numbers by natural attrition. This means we will have limited capacity to take any student who is either in or out of zone for all year levels throughout this year.


All in zone students who seek enrolment to Henley during the school year will have to consider the potential situation of attending a nearby government school until a vacancy at Henley High develops. This Departmental process will be facilitated by me with the assistance and guidance of my Director. High schools that are near us are Seaton, Findon and Underdale.


On the plus side, Henley High did receive $10 million in new build funding back in 2017. It is the school's desire to use these funds wisely for more classrooms and specialty learning areas to increase our capacity. I hope we will have new works starting this year.


If you would like to explore and develop your understanding further please contact me at the school or reply to this email. I will endeavour to respond in a timely manner.




Eddie Fabijan | Principal

Henley High School