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Assessment and Reporting

Student learning progress has been designed to grow student capacity to own their learning. All intervention needs to be done at the classroom level with teachers working with students to develop personal goals for success. This is essential to support student and parent ownership of the learning and if there are learning challenges the process can support documentation and monitoring more effectively.


This process is based on two semesters and thus the cycle of growth repeats in the second semester. As part of this process school leaders will develop and provide community information and forum sessions. Eg What is SACE Forum for Year 9 and 10 families: the challenges of being an adolescent in our modern world course counselling and career development


Parents are encouraged to contact teachers around building clarity from a curriculum perspective and should include a discussion of current goals and actions with desire to build good working relationships.


Teachers are encouraged to contact parents when student do something good and if they have student learning concerns.



The role of Intervention and Reporting

Our school disposition is “to guide all students into becoming active and engaged citizens, who know and use their strengths to make informed decisions and to act in ways that promotes a flourishing life.”


So, what do we really mean by flourishing?


  • It is being at your best; positively responding to challenges, unpredictability, or change; holding yourself and others in care and to account.


This means that relationships come first, with every member of our school community. Relationships are built by building empathy; clarity; teamwork; empowerment and feedback. A focus of developing our flourishing culture is centred on understanding our character strengths, being mindful and on having high expectations of ourselves and of each other.


A flourishing school is where students, teachers and parents want to be:

  • Engaged in everything we do
  • Enthusiastic at every opportunity
  • Encouraging each other in all aspects of school life


In order to make informed decisions for flourishing, we all need to be in a state where learning is maximised. Csikszentmihalyi (2014, P24 )  describes a person is “In flow, ...[when they are] fully concentrated on the task at hand. There is a feeling that action and awareness merge in a single beam of focused consciousness. Inflow, it is very clear what needs to be done from one moment to the next; goals are clearly ordered and sequenced. One also knows immediately how well one is doing: feedback is unambiguous.”


The challenge as a community is to be able to seek an answer to - How do we have our community in a state of flow when it is appropriate to be in that flow? This means we need to develop intervention and reporting systems and processes that promote being in a state of flow.