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VET - Vocational Education & Training

What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

Students have the opportunity to undertake VET as part of their SACE in Year’s 11 & 12 which enables them to gain tertiary qualifications whilst still at school. Qualifications gained can support students towards a rewarding career and can start them on their journey to the pathway they dream of.

Certificate qualifications are achieved by completing the required number of competencies. Each competency has an allocated number of hours required for successful completion. These nominal hours are added up and transferred into Credits for achieving SACE: seventy nominal hours is equivalent to 10 SACE Credits.

Henley High School students can participate in a range of preparatory pre VET courses which are offered as part of our curriculum in Year 10. VET courses are offered through our Western Adelaide Secondary Schools Network or can be sourced directly from independent Registered Training Organisations. Successful completion of a Certificate III (except Retail Operations) can also be used for the calculation of an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) for those students looking at a University Pathway.

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Western Secondary Schools Expression of Interest Form 

Please click below to access the Western Secondary Schools Expression of Interest Form

Western Secondary Schools Expression of Interest Form

Henley High School Expression of Interest

Henley High School Expression of Interest Form

VET Training and Unique Student Identifier numbers.

Schools need all students enrolled in VET courses to have a USI so that it can be provided to the RTO when requested, so that student results can be processed.

Students should log onto for more information.




This process is quick, free and the USI needs only to be gained once. You will need to provide identification to complete the process.

It is important that you record details accurately in your application to ensure successful completion. Record your USI in a safe place.


Henley High School VET 2023 Presentation

If you require further information please contact Andrew Fleming - Assistant Principal Senior School - SACE & VET