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2023 Curriculum Guide

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Please click on the icon to access Henley High School’s 2023 Curriculum Guide.

The Henley High School 2023 Curriculum Guide is linked above. This book describes the curriculum offered in Years 8 to 12 at Henley High School. The book contains hyperlinks that allow you to move easily through sections. The Content Page is linked and for your convenience, each subject listed in Learning Area Flowcharts (located at the start of each learning area section) is linked to the subject description. These flowcharts are an excellent way to see how each subject leads into senior school, an excellent tool for forward planning.


Subject selection at the secondary level is very important in shaping future pathways and links between school, further study and the world of work.

The curriculum at Henley High School is aligned with both state and national expectations for all schools. In addition, a number of specific programs are offered which meet the particular needs of our school community.

In keeping with the Melbourne Declaration Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008), we aim to promote and to lead world’s best practice for curriculum delivery and assessment and improve the educational outcomes for all students.

The Henley High School Community values a diverse learning environment supporting all students to achieve their best as future global citizens. Our purpose is to develop lifelong learners who can problem solve, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively and act ethically. We want our students to graduate with world class skills in order to succeed in work and life.

Student learning is designed to be challenging, so that each student has the opportunity to achieve individual excellence. We pride ourselves by ensuring our curriculum:

* Engages and is relevant.

* Offers a wide range of opportunities.

* Provides opportunities for students to connect with local, national and international communities.

* Responds to individual abilities, interests, needs and cultures.

* Provides an ICT rich learning environment.

* Promotes internationalisation by embedding international perspectives into our school curriculum and culture.

Students and staff are committed to developing the school as a community of stakeholders with shared responsibility to create optimal conditions for sustained, relevant and rigorous learning to be successful global and digital citizens. We commit to embracing the Cross Curriculum Priorities and the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.

Students in Middle School will experience numerous opportunities to learn in an Integrated Curriculum environment, where they will engage in Challenge Based Learning, often focusing on priority areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Please click on the icon above to access Henley High School’s 2023 Curriculum Guide.