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Singing praises about Henley!

Dear Liz,

Last Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th August, the Instrumental Music Service Vocal faculty held their inaugural Singers Day. Over 70 singers from many metropolitan public schools converged on Henley High School for two days of extensive learning of vocal charts culminating in a concert with approximately 100 parents, colleagues, friends and students in attendance.

Tania Madigan and Gavin Cox were outstanding in their assistance, making rooms available so we could have sectional practises, organising students to take video and photographs, providing us with lighting, sound equipment, drama blocks etc.  We were very appreciative of their generosity and assistance with many of the organisational issues that come with running these workshops.

Your facilities at Henley High School are superb and I would like to thank you on behalf of the vocal faculty for making your school available to us so we could run these two days.

I would also like to extend our gratitude to Tania and Gavin for be helping us make the workshops successful, enjoyable and productive.

Kind regards

Janet Leadbeater
Coordinator - Senior Years
DECD Instrumental Music Service