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Thanks to SSO Jenny

Dear Liz

I am writing this email to bring to your attention what a wonderful staff member you have in SSO Jenny Trenorden. Firstly if I can give you a little background on my son. He has severe dyslexia and audio processing disorder. He has just finished his third year at Henley High. I chose Henley High for the football program as at the time I believed this would keep him interested in going school and make him feel good about himself. I still do believe this to a small degree but the real credit needs to go to Jenny.  He has been receiving support for three years from Jenny for SOSE and English and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for him. She has been a tremendous support to him and his reading has improved  incredibly since working with Jenny. I know without the support from Jenny, his learning and attitude towards school would not have been as successful and positive as it has been. I am sure all the SSOs at Henley High work extremely hard with their students but for my son, its Jenny he works best with.

Kind Regards
Mrs A