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In 2009, Henley High School chose Scholaris as their learner management system. It is responsible for bringing together the schools administrative tasks and curriculum resources together all in the one place. It provides an efficient and effective way of attendance marking and also being able to provide reports to analyse that information. Scholaris provides a place for teachers to store their worksheets, assignments and resources in Virtual Classrooms for students to access wherever they have an internet connection.

A list of the tasks that Scholaris is capable of is listed below:

  • Attendance
  • Reports on attendance
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Parent Portal (Rollout Term 1 2014) – the bracket part can be removed as it is now implemented
  • Assignment Manager (Trial in Semester 2 2015)

Parent Portal

Henley High School rolled out the Parent Portal in 2014. This provides parents the ability to obtain specific information to do with their son or daughter. Attendance records, student timetables and the ability to email teachers are among some of the features that parents will have access to through the Parent Portal. Student reports are also loaded onto the portal as they are no longer mailed out.

Assignment Manager

Henley High School is currently in the process of trialling the Assignment Manager which is a part of Scholaris. This will provide students with a place to not only access all of their assignments, but also a place to submit and have their assignment graded all using Scholaris. This will work in turn with the Parent Portal, whereby parents will have immediate access to their son/daughters grades and knowing when deadlines are for student work submission. Assignment Manager is the first step towards Henley High School student reports being created using Scholaris.