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Dux does it again!

Leon McCalla has become a household name at Henley High School, as he has proven time and again that hard work does pay off.

Leon won the Dux for 2016 by receiving an Australian Tertiary Admission Rating (ATAR) of 99.85. The highest the school has seen so far. He did this by earning 4 Merits in Research Project, Chemistry, Physics and Math Studies. An A for Specialist Math, a most difficult subject and remarkably an A for Stage 2 Biology while in year 11. This amazing score provides many opportunities and Leon is now studying a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Petroleum Chemistry with Honours.

This is just the beginning. With Leon’s commitment to study and school life, he was a worthy candidate for the Principal’s Scholarship valued at $5,000. Sandra Moran (Principal of HHS 2016) nominated him and he won. Still, why stop here. Leon then applied for the SANTOS Scholarship through University of Adelaide, Australian School of Petroleum. This scholarship has a total value of $40,000. He won! Not only does this provide monetary assistance, Leon will also receive first preference for any internships that come up at SANTOS.
With a total of $45,000 in scholarships, Leon tells me he plans to set up a savings account and use the earnings to pay his university fees upfront. He is hoping to come out of tertiary education with minimal debt. Hard work really does pay off.
Leon has maintained a strong relationship with Henley high School and has offered to assist our current students by providing study advice and possibly tutoring.

Henley High School is extremely proud of all our students, past and present, Leon McCalla of course being one of them. We hope that Leon’s story inspires our latest young people, who are now endeavouring to complete their SACE.

Tracy Moore | Assistant Principal – Director of Studies

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